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MBT Anti-Shoe
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The Anti-Shoe

Physiological Footwear

MBT the Anti-Shoe

MBT the Anti-Shoe is the first physiological footwear that has a number of positive effects not only on the foot but on the whole body. MBT is the first physiological footwear. The concept behind MBT is based on the principle that the human musculo-skeletal system is designed to walk barefoot on soft, natural ground. MBTs re-establish the natural conditions for standing and walking.

The effectiveness of Masai Barefoot Technology is the result of the

interplay between different components of the curved sole. The resulting natural instability underfoot stimulates otherwise neglected muscle groups. Activating these muscles reduces the strain on joints and discs while walking. The Masai Sensor is the core of the technology. This elliptical section underneath the heel creates the pleasant feeling of walking on a sandy beach or a mossy surface. It produces the natural instability to which the body reacts with increased muscle activity.


Wearing physiological footwear not only protects joints and tendons, but at the same time it increases coordination and stamina, burns calories, tones the body and improves both posture and gait. MBT:


    • • Activates neglected muscles
    • • Improves posture and gait
    • • Tones and shapes the body
    • • Can help with back, hip, leg and foot problems
    • • Reduces stress on knee and hip joints

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