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MBT Anti-Shoe
Sales and Reductions
How to Buy

MBTs require specific sizing, fitting and training. This session is a fundamental part of preparing you for the incredible changes that MBT have to offer as well as ensuring your correct sizing.


We recommend arranging a fitting before you buy your first pair of MBT shoes, but you can always order online whether or not you have been fitted.


Shows and Exhibitions

Our main outlet is through national shows and exhibitions at venues held throughout the country. We are proud to offer the full refund of entry to any show when a purchase of MBTs is made from us. For further details of our events and to obtain a refund voucher view our shows.


Personal or Group Consultations

A personal or group consultation at your home, office or other suitable location is available. For customers in the Lincolnshire and surrounding area, we offer a no-obligation home consultation. To book a consultation, please contact us with your requirements and one of our specialist fitters will visit you with the full UK range of MBT styles. For the UK Range click here.


Corporate Events

We are now offering in-house bespoke corporate events bringing the benefits of MBTs to your organisation. Our MBT at Work team cover the whole of the United Kingdom, so wherever you are, we are available to help. From a one day event to a full week at your company, we can set-up a display and experience area offering your employees and customers significant discounts on purchases. To book a consultation or to discuss your company's needs, please contact us and we would be happy to be of assistance.